Monday, March 21, 2016

When did reading romance novels become so taboo?

You might be thinking that the subject of this blog post is a bit odd for me. Well, truth be told, it is.  I had a family friend over the weekend after discovering that I wrote romance novels begin to question me.  Why do you write romance? Do you write about your real relationship with your husband?  Does your husband know you write smut?  Do you want to be whipped or hit with a crop?  She seemed to have a dozen questions that only came with the same response from her.

"So, you write explicit romance because you're unhappy in your marriage."

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Update from Avelyn!

Hello Everyone!!

I know, I know, yet again it's been quite a while!  Life in Avelynland has been hectic yet so enjoyable busy.  I have completed a secret anthology project that will be announced soon. The story that I wrote is a very personal tale that I hope my readers will enjoy. It is very different from what I have written before, but I couldn't be more proud!

For those of you looking for Heaven's Rejects updates, Book #2 is currently in the plotting and early writing stages. I have been very conflicted on how I wanted to write this book and the creative juices are finally starting to flow.  My husband and I are taking a vacation to one of my favorite places next week so I hope that I can rest, relax, and even get a bit of writing done.

See you all soon!


Tuesday, January 5, 2016

New Year Blog Hop!

New Year Hop

Happy New Year!

Everyone is always looking for new authors to read. So hop your way through the New Year, New Author Facebook Hop and find some new authors to read in 2016. Be sure to link the authors page and enter the giveaways at each stop. When: Tuesday, January 5th, 6am until midnight EST. Where: On our Facebook author pages (links below). Please email if you have any questions.